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We offer our Clients integrated strategies of IP rights protection worked out individually with due consideration of Client’s purposes and possibilities of the Ukrainian legislation. In our practice we incline to package policy, instead of providing separate legal services. Thus, we do not intend to cover all branches of law. We remain a so-called “boutique”- a highly specialized company working in IP field and connected areas of law. It allows us to ensure high standard of professionalism and to remain among the leaders of the field.

The list of our Clients includes global corporations, big Ukrainian and foreign companies operating in various sectors of economy. We have been a preferred provider of legal services for manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, confectioneries, foodstuffs, mineral waters and other goods.

All the functions of our Agency are shared with two main departments: the Patent Department and the Legal Department. The Patent Department deals with the matters related to obtaining of IR rights, and the Legal Department resolves the matters on IP rights enforcement and litigation. Our approach is to gain maximum synergy of these departments. At the stage of IR rights registration our specialists try to take into account every nuance to avoid complications in the course of further legal protection.

Our professionals develop global strategies of IP rights protection that cover all necessary steps:  from the availability searches and state registration of IP rights to judicial protection of rights.

Legal environment and competitive situation in Ukraine is constantly changing and getting more complicated. Strategic approaches to IP matters which were effective yesterday require permanent improvement and modification.

Experience of long-term and successful cooperation with our Clients is the basis of sustainable development of our Agency. We constantly implement innovative practice and modify previously developed strategies to meet new demands and challenges.


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Memorandum of cooperation.

In December 2019, Doubinsky & Osharova and Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) signed a memorandum of cooperation for their projects DO Innovations and Start Business Challenge.

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